Whatsapp Showing Update Instead Of Status

whatsapp channel update download
whatsapp channel update download

WhatsApp Introduces New “Updates” UI

WhatsApp recently released a new update discreetly, without sending out any notifications. This whatsapp channel update download has revamped the Status user interface and introduced a new feature called “Channels.” Dive in to get more insights.

Details of the New WhatsApp Update Silently, WhatsApp launched a fresh update with its unique build number Users who are keen on the whatsapp channel update download will notice this version is currently being rolled out. Those who haven’t received this version might need to wait a bit longer for its widespread availability.

Features of the New “Updates” UI v2.23.18.76 The update brings several noticeable changes:

  1. The familiar “Status” tab in the navigation bar has now been renamed, with whatsapp showing update instead of status. The newly named “Updates” remains sandwiched between “Chats” and “Calls.”
  2. When users tap on the “Updates” option, a new interface appears. For those puzzled by whatsapp shows update instead of status, they’ll initially find a “Status” option above “My Status.” Beside the “Status,” there’s a three-dot menu which, when accessed, presents two choices: “Muted updates” and “Status privacy.”
  3. Just below “Status,” the “My Status” is positioned followed by all the viewed updates. But a unique addition awaits below these viewed updates.

Introducing the New “Channels” Feature For users intrigued by the whatsapp channel update download, they’ll find that under the viewed updates, there’s a new feature labeled “Channels.” Next to “Channels,” a plus icon is present, which when tapped, reveals a “Find channels” option. On selecting this, a different interface loads, displaying tabs like “All,” “Most active,” “New,” “Popular,” and “Country” to help users discover channels. Users can also filter channels based on countries.

Interesting Aspect of Update v2.23.18.76 A remarkable aspect of this update is how the interface looks if users don’t follow any channels. The interface remains as described earlier. However, upon following channels, the UI undergoes a change. It now resembles the Instagram stories’ layout. Subscribed channels start showing up in the “Updates” interface.

Comparing WhatsApp’s Previous and Current UI Previously, WhatsApp’s navigation bar comprised three sections: “Chats,” “Status,” and “Calls.” Tapping on “Status” brought up the status UI with “My Status” positioned at the top, followed by recent updates. An additional three-dot menu gave access to “Status privacy” and “Settings.”

Post-update, “Status” is now “Updates.” Accessing it displays the “Status” option first, followed by a three-dot menu with options like “Muted Updates” and “Status privacy.” The rest of the UI structure remains familiar, but with the addition of the “Channels” option below the recent updates. If users follow channels, these updates are lined up in a sequence reminiscent of Instagram.

In summary, while it might not be a drastic shift, this update gives users a refreshed look, potentially enhancing their messaging experience.