[answered] The best model of the earth is globe.’ Justify


Certainly! The statement “The best model of the Earth is a globe” can be justified through various reasons:

  1. Representation of Shape: The Earth is an oblate spheroid, which means it is mostly spherical but slightly flattened at the poles and bulging at the equator. A globe provides the closest three-dimensional representation of this shape.
  2. Accurate Scale: Globes can represent the Earth’s features to scale, ensuring that distances, sizes, and shapes are portrayed as accurately as possible.
  3. Distortion-Free: All two-dimensional maps, by nature of being flat representations of a curved surface, have some form of distortion. This could be in the form of area, shape, distance, or direction. Globes have no distortion since they replicate the Earth’s curvature.
  4. True Directions: On a globe, any straight line between two points offers the truest direction. Flat maps can’t always provide this, especially over long distances.
  5. Whole-Earth Perspective: A globe allows you to see the Earth as a whole entity, without breaks, interruptions, or edges. This holistic perspective isn’t possible with flat maps that often split the world, such as in the case of interrupted maps or those that cut off at the international date line.
  6. Tilting and Rotation: A globe can be tilted on its axis and rotated just as the real Earth rotates. This helps in understanding day-night cycles, seasons, and other celestial phenomena linked to Earth’s position relative to the sun.
  7. Tactile Learning: For educational purposes, a globe can be touched and felt, making it a valuable tool for tactile learners. Physically spinning a globe or tracing a path with one’s finger can be more engaging than merely pointing at a location on a flat map.
  8. Visual Appeal and Decoration: Apart from its educational and practical uses, a globe also serves an aesthetic purpose. It can be a decorative piece in homes, offices, and schools, reminding viewers of the interconnected world we inhabit.

However, it’s worth noting that while globes are fantastic for understanding the Earth as a whole, flat maps have their own advantages, especially when we need detailed views of specific regions or when planning routes for travel. Each type of representation – whether a globe or a particular map projection – has been designed for specific purposes, and the best choice often depends on the task at hand.