Sharif Wamenkumham Edward Omar: A Comprehensive Overview of Hiariej and His Political Journey

Sharif Wamenkumham Edward Omar
Sharif Wamenkumham Edward Omar

Today, we delve into the allegations faced by Sharif Wamenkumham Edward Omar, highlighting why several members of Hiariej’s Partai have come under scrutiny.

Is Edward Omar implicated in a gratification and bribery investigation? In Indonesia and nearby regions, there’s significant interest in Edward Omar due to his alleged involvement in a corruption case.

Questions are arising about why the Minister of Law and Human Rights is embroiled in a bribery scandal. Discover detailed insights about Sharif Wamenkumham Edward Omar and why there’s a surge in searches for this deputy minister.

About Sharif Wamenkumham Edward Omar:

Full NameProf. Dr. Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej SH, M. Hum
Date of BirthApril 10, 1973
Age50 years
Place of BirthAmbon, Maluku
SpouseMega Hayfa Hiariaj
Number of ChildrenTwo
Alma MaterGadjah Mada University
Career4th Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights in Indonesia (Wamenkumham)
Term in OfficeDecember 23, 2020 – November 9, 2023

Known as Eddy, Edward Omar completed high school in 1992 and pursued higher education at Gadjah Mada University from 1993 to 1998, focusing on Law. He earned his master’s degree between 2002 and 2004 and finished his doctorate from 2007 to 2009 at UGM.

Edward Omar’s Career Path Before Becoming Wamenkumham

Wamenkumham Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej initially worked as a law lecturer at UGM’s Faculty of Law before his appointment as Wamenkumham. From 2002 to 2007, he was UGM Student Affairs’ Assistant Vice Chancellor and became a Criminal Law Professor in 2010 at UGM. His tenure as Wamenkumham commenced after December 23, 2020, following President Jokowi’s introduction of the position.

Allegations Against Wamenkumham Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej

Edward Omar faces allegations of receiving bribes and gratuities. The corruption case surfaced on March 14, 2023, after a report by Sugeng Teguh Santoso, Chair of the Indonesian Police Watch (IPW), about a suspected seven billion Rupee gratuity.

Edward Wamenkumham is accused of accepting seven billion Rp from Helmut Hermawan for legal advice.

The Other Suspects in the Bribery Case

Besides Edward Omar, three additional suspects are implicated in the bribery case. Notably, Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej Partai‘s attorney, Ricky Herbert Parulian Sitohang, denied any gratuity receipt on his behalf.

A recent update indicated that Yosi, Edward‘s advocate and personal assistant, received money as part of his legal profession, with both Edward and his client reportedly unaware of Yosi’s transactions.

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Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej Partai: The Official Statement

Wamenkumham‘s office, through its Public Relations Coordinator, Tubagas Erif Faturahman, asserted that Edward was not informed about his suspect status in the bribery case. Tubagas emphasized the presumption of innocence principle upheld by the Partai until a court ruling is issued, clarifying that Prof. Edward was not involved in any bribery.


Edward Omar is currently a suspect in a bribery case, alongside Sharif Wamenkumham Edward Omar and three others, accused of accepting seven billion rupees for legal consultancy. The final verdict from the court is still pending.


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