[WATCH VIDEO LINK] Prince Mamun Laila Viral Video On Twitter: Exploring the Controversy

Prince Mamun Laila Viral Video On Twitter
Prince Mamun Laila Viral Video On Twitter

Watch the Prince Mamun Laila Viral Video On Twitter, creating waves on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, TikTok, and Instagram.

Are you a fan of TikTok and reel videos? If so, have you come across the Prince Mamun Laila Viral Video On Twitter, making headlines in Bangladesh and India?

This video revolves around the Bengali Instagram sensation, Laila, whose explicit video became a social media sensation. In this article, we delve into the trending video of Laila.

About Prince Mamun Laila Viral Video On Twitter

Prince Mamun is a renowned celebrity on the “Likee” platform with approximately 11 million followers, gaining fame in Bangladesh. His wife, Laila, is also a social media sensation. Recently, Laila’s explicit video went viral on Twitter. The video featured Laila without upper garments, lying on a bed. Prince Mamun was not visible in the video, which was exclusively focused on Laila. The video has since been removed and is no longer available online.

Who is Prince Mamun’s Wife?

Prince Mamun, a Bangladeshi viral star, tied the knot with fellow social media content creator Laila a few months ago. Laila, known as “Blue Fairy Laila” on social media, boasts around 141k followers. Her Instagram profile, with nearly 919 posts, mainly features duet videos with Prince Mamun, many of which went viral. However, the release of her explicit video had a significant impact on both Mamun and Laila’s fame and popularity.

Where Can I Find Prince Mamun and Laila Link?

The video primarily focuses on Laila and her explicit moments without clothing. Currently, the original links to Laila’s video have been removed from all social media platforms. Beware of fake links circulating online; we urge readers to find the authentic Prince Mamun YouTube link if they wish to watch the video.

People’s Reactions

Following the release of the explicit video, opinions on the internet were divided as Bangladesh’s superstar’s wife gained notoriety. Laila posted on Instagram, requesting respect and support from her fans in light of the video’s release, expressing her faith in Prince Mamun to address the situation.

Is the Video Available on Instagram?

No, the revealing video of Laila is not present on Instagram, as it violated community guidelines due to its age-restricted content. However, fans can still access her other videos on her profile.

YouTube Availability

Many people are searching for Laila’s videos on YouTube, but they are not available on that platform. Prince Mamun, Laila’s husband, has a YouTube channel where viewers can watch his videos.

Who Released the Video on Telegram?

The explicit video of Prince Mamun’s wife circulated on all major social media platforms, including Telegram. Numerous Telegram channels with names like “Laila viral video mms” emerged, but they shared only fake links.



In this article, we have explored the release and availability of the explicit video involving Bangladesh’s top social media celebrity. Both Prince Mamun and his wife, Laila, have denied the video’s authenticity, urging the public not to disseminate the Prince Mamun and Laila Link on the internet.

Disclaimer: This Article Shares About Age Restricted Contents.

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