[PHOTO] Bahsid Mclean Real Photo: Discover the Unmasked Selfie

Bahsid McLean Real Photo
Bahsid McLean Real Photo

This article provides comprehensive insights into the notorious Bahsid McLean Real Photo. Continue reading for an in-depth understanding of his infamous selfie.

Are you familiar with Bahsid McLean? Have you heard about the appalling crime linked to him? The Bahsid McLean Real Photo has sparked widespread attention across Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Globally, individuals are scouring the internet for the unaltered image of Bahsid McLean alongside his mother’s severed head. If you’re wondering about the reasons behind Bahsid McLean’s sudden infamy, delve into the details below.

What Does the Bahsid McLean Real Photo Depict?

The name Bahsid McLean has become notorious after his photograph gained notoriety online. Bahsid McLean gruesomely murdered his mother, Tanya, dismembering her with assistance from his accomplice William. The internationally widespread Selfie showcases Bahsid holding his mother’s severed head.

Taken by Bahsid post the heinous act, this selfie has been recorded in February 2013. The incident resurfaced into public eye a decade later when his photograph with the severed head emerged online. Witnessed by millions, it was quickly erased due to its graphic nature. Subsequently, only a blurred rendition remained accessible on various social media websites. The pursuit for the unfiltered image of Bahsid McLean with his mother’s head has proven fruitless as it breaches community guidelines.

Locating the Bashid McLean Head Picture No Blur

As previously stated, the shocking image of Bahsid with Tanya’s decapitated head surfaced online but was expunged due to its gruesome details. The unedited image was purged from social media. Although the blurred rendition of Bahsid with the severed head circulates, the original unblurred images are elusive.

Those intent on viewing the Bashid McLean Head Picture No Blur may encounter links on social media, for instance, on platform X. Various users on X (Twitter) have shared links allegedly leading to the uncensored image of Bahsid, but the validity of these links cannot be guaranteed.

The Tragic Narrative of Tanya Byrd’s Murder

Tanya Byrd, mother to Bahsid McLean, met a tragic end in February 2013. During his trial, Bahsid McLean confessed to the murder and dismemberment of his mother, with assistance from his friend William Morris. In November 2019, Bahsid was handed a 25-year prison sentence, which he is currently serving.

The motive for the murder remains ambiguous, though speculations suggest that Bahsid suffered from psychological issues, experiencing auditory hallucinations since childhood. The notorious Bahsid McLean Real Photo was captured post-murder. Reports indicate that Bahsid had undergone some form of psychiatric treatment. Images of both Bahsid and Tanya are still available online.

Moreover, Tanya had once counseled her son to adopt maturity and responsibility in his life, advice which paradoxically provoked him to commit matricide.

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Countless individuals continue their search for the authentic image of Bahsid with his mother’s head, only to meet with failure. The original photo has been removed, leaving only the obscured Bahsid McLean Real Photo circulating online. For additional context, you may refer to the YouTube video, (693) Bahsid McLean cut off his Mom’s Head.


This article refrains from including any distressing visuals or footage pertaining to Bahsid McLean to avoid potential distress to readers.

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